You Eat Fresher, More Nutritious Food

Most top chefs choose the locally grown organic food on the back of its superior quality. The faster the food gets to the table the better the product remains. Some researches have proved that organic food contains more vitamins and nutrients required for good health, and others have shown that such food has largely their highest levels the moment they are picked.

You Support the Regional Economy and Family Farmers

The Sustain project wishes that one third part of the organic food that is consumed by Chicagoans should be processed and grown in the region. If we can achieve this, millions of dollars will be earned by local, sustainable farmers and companies due to costs of meals. This will help family-run units thrive and stimulate the demand for services and supplies from other regional companies, thus tremendously contributing to the development of the local economy.

You Reduce Pollution

Organic production doesn’t allow the utilization of synthetic pesticides or nitrogen fertilizers, which can pollute the air, water, soil and threaten public health by contaminating groundwater and rivers used for drinking. Locally produced food decreases the long distance trucking, thus providing the minimization of gas emissions, which pollute the atmosphere and lead to a global warming.

You Contribute to a Healthy Environment

According to the EPA reports, agriculture answers for 70 percent of the pollution, having the country’s rivers, streams in mind, caused by erosion, chemicals, animal waste runoff. A good way to keep the rural communities sound and ecosystems alive is by way of organic farming. Small-size organic farmers protect biodiversity by accumulating seeds and bringing up hereditary plants’ varieties; nourish the soil with fertilizers and manure, grow crops and sow cover crops to prevent denudation, weeds and nutrient leaching.