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Big Rock, IL 60511

Esthers Place
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Huge Rock, IL  60511
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Scott and Donna Lehrer, together with their kids Natasha (18) and Eric (15), cultivate thirteen sections of land in Big Rock, Illinois, around a hour west of Chicago. The Lehrers have been cultivating this land for a long time.

Sheep of God Farm produces strength products of the soil yields of all kindsthey are known for being remarkable. Theyll offer 152 assortments for the 2005 season, the vast majority of them legacies.

The Lehrers have more than 160 chickens that they keep for eggs. They likewise create fleece and goats drain and develop oats, field corn and feed.

Every relative has an extremely dynamic part on the homestead. Natasha and Eric contribute on everything from weeding and ranchers markets to slow down cleaning and tending to mailers.

Eric is the guardian of the chickens and is the sole proprietor of Erics Poultry Farm. His duties incorporate watching over the pullets and cockerels, and dealing with and showcasing his eggs, which are state-authorized and investigated. Eric likewise brings a lead with apparatus, cultivating and gathering.

Natasha composes articles and materials for the homestead notwithstanding influencing cleanser and cutting out a handspinning to vocation with her yarns and such. She even twists the hair of Ezekiel, the familys Shetland Sheepdog! Natasha likewise remains required with the garden.

Esther's Place

Donna is the ranches fundamental contact individual and does a great part of the bookwork and in addition assuming responsibility of day by day assignments with the creatures, yields, and family life.

Scott handles cultivate operations, performing culturing, planting, developing and reaping exercises and in addition opening the farmstand each market day. Scott is additionally the lead contact for the Fertrell Dealership.

The Fertrell Company, in business since 1946, is an industry pioneer in the conveyance and offers of all-regular and natural items for cultivate, domesticated animals, arranging, home and garden. Sheep of God Farm is right now not confirmed natural but rather hones at levels required for accreditation.

Another Lehrers task is Farm of Esther, a Studio that highlights Lamb of God Farm’s fleece and in addition from other neighborhood Illinois runs. The shop offers downy, wandering, yarn and fleece endowments, and turning wheels, weavers, and other related frill. You can discover more data about Esthers Place at their site or write Natasha Lehrer at Natasha@estersplacefibers.com.

Why is developing natural a need for your family?

We have developed natural in light of the fact that the Creator bound for things to be developed in a way that regards the bounteous assets He has favored us with. We feel cultivating with natural techniques is the main sheltered and savvy approach to cultivate; in this way, we need our family, soil and items to be solid and unadulterated. Basically, developing natural was not a decision however, rather, a need.

What is your most loved piece of being a natural agriculturist?

As a natural rancher, the most satisfying inclination is knowing we can give a top notch, fantastic, special and SAFE item to purchasers, and its brilliant to see blesses their countenances.

What is your slightest most loved part?

Single word: WEEDS! However, to look on the splendid side, weeds do give legitimate confirmation that our homestead is natural. Weeds have additionally been a decent soil richness pointer.

For what reason should individuals purchase natural items rather than different alternatives?

On the off chance that taste, season, and nutritious substance alone dont persuade buyers to pick natural, the examination, tests and medical problems relating to the impacts of chemicals should impact them!

Why is your ranch unique?

Our ranch is exceptionally novel in light of our broadening. The harvests we develop sustain the animals we raise and they give the premise of a considerable lot of the items we offer close by the deliver. The majority of our items are made on the ranch by our family, and they incorporate medicine, cleansers, handspun yarn, eggs, vinegars and the sky is the limit from there.

The deliver, our strengths being plate of mixed greens, squash and treasure tomatoes, is overflowing with season, with hues and assortments traversing the range. Indeed, even the hardware we utilize is an indication of cultivating from a more established time.

Above all, be that as it may, is the feeling of solidarity between every single one of us in working the land. Our own characterizes, in each feeling of the word, a family cultivate.

Where do you need your business to be in the following year? 5 years? 10 years?

Were making every day stride by step, keeping our sights above, and giving the great Lord a chance to manage us. We predict the following decade as an opportunity to grow a consistent customer base for the ranch, with the objective of maintaining our family altogether from the homestead.

As we glance back at the previous couple of years, including an Illinois Department of Agriculture give to advance cooking claim to fame crops, were probably going to seek after energizing open doors en route!

Where would consumers be able to get your items?

We offer our items at region agriculturists markets, through a deliver membership benefit, and on the homestead, by arrangement.