715 Road 5
Leamington, Ontario N8H 3V6

Highline Mushroom

Dr. Murray O’Neil founded Highline Mushrooms as a small operation in Leamington, Ontario. Since its modest beginnings, it has grown into one of the largest independent family owned and operated mushroom farms in all of Canada, as well as one of the most technically advanced. It is a proactive, innovative, and resourceful company, dedicated to aggressively pursuing excellence. Highline strives to consistently grow quality products, delivered on a timely basis, in a cordial manner, and at very competitive prices. Today, in addition to the original East farm, Highline includes a larger modern West farm as well as locations in Wellington, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Dr. O’Neil passed away in late June of 2007. He will be greatly missed, but his family continues his work. Read more about Dr. Murray O’Neil.

How long have you been farming?
Dr. O’Neil began Highline Mushrooms in 1961. After years of innovation, industry changes, and growth, his goal remained simple—to grow the best quality mushrooms possible.

Who works at Highline Mushrooms?
Highline employs more than 650 “associates” who live in surrounding communities of the three facilities. Dr. O’Neil passed away recently in June of 2007, but he remains the driving force behind the continued success and growth of Highline. Our president, Glenn Martin, had been working closely with him for nearly 20 years.

What kind of mushrooms do you grow?
Highline specializes in growing white, mini bella, and portabella mushrooms without the use of ANY pesticides or chemicals commonly used in the cultivation of mushrooms. We also grow shiitake, oyster, enoki, and a new family of dried mushrooms.

How did you get into farming?
As a boy, Dr. O’Neil worked on his family’s farm. After attending medical school and running a successful medical practice, farming was still an important aspect of his upbringing.

What do you enjoy the most about farming?
The opportunity to be a contributing member of the community, while providing wholesome, natural, and delicious food alternatives, is very important. The chance to start fresh with each crop and to make noticeable, ongoing improvements is very satisfying. Growing mushrooms is particularly rewarding because they can be enjoyed fresh all year round. From soup to salad, stir-fry and side dishes, their (the mushroom’s) versatility make them a perfect ingredient for every meal of the day.

What makes your farm special?
Many mushroom growers use pesticides and other chemicals as a method to combat diseases and pests. Highline has developed a method for preparing growing substrate and rotating crops, eliminating the need for ANY of the chemical treatments most commonly used. As a result, all Highline white, mini bella, and portabella mushrooms are grown without any pesticides. In addition, we also grow a line of 100% certified organic mushrooms.

What do you envision for the future of your farm?
We expect continued success and growth for many years to come. Highline is committed to providing safe, healthy, and delicious mushrooms to our valued customers. We will continue to approach farming the way we always have—by doing the right things and by doing things right.

Are you an organic grower?
Highline supplies conventional mushrooms as well as 100% certified organic mushrooms.

Why is organic farming a priority for your businesss?
We believe consumers are searching for healthy food and lifestyle alternatives for themselves and their families. For this, Highline offers a solution—organic mushrooms with the same outstanding appearance, taste, and freshness as their conventionally grown counterparts. In addition, Highline has long been environmentally conscious, implementing earth-friendly practices throughout our growing process.

Why should people buy organic products?
People have different reasons for their interest in organic products, particularly as it relates to produce. Many select organic to avoid chemicals. Some prefer the freshness and taste of naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Still others choose organic lifestyles as a way to help protect and preserve our environment. Whatever the reason, Highline is proud to grow and provide beautiful, great-tasting organic mushrooms.

Updated 9/4/2007