N4970 Mushroom Farm
Eden, WI 53019

Gourmet's Delight
Rich & John Floyd mushroom farm is a family-run business with a 24-year history. The hard-working brothers are true experts in organic mushroom growing.

Gourmets Delight’s main facility occupies the indoor space of nearly 20,000 square feet (this equals to 9 and a half tennis courts).

Richard, the older brother, oversees cultivation and sales. The younger brother, John, is in charge of harvesting, staff management, and fertilization.

Becky, Rich’s wife, helps with farmers market activities in Madison, and Barb, John’s wife, does the books and payroll.

The family’s seven children have been raised on the farm and have been helping their parents since their early childhood. The close-knit family runs their blooming farmstead with the help of 15 workers.

Growing high-quality organic food is a family’s top priority. Since their early years, the two brothers have been close to nature and learned to respect the human health and environment. They believe that chemical-free farming is the future of eco-friendly life style.

As organic farmers, John and Rich are happy to offer healthy food to the consumers. This way, they help people to take care both of their health and the planet.

Growing organic mushrooms is uncommon among the modern farmers. This makes Rich & John Floyd products unique and valuable.

You can buy Gourmets Delight mushrooms
at the Madison Whole Foods Market or at the farm directly.

For more details, please contact (920) 477-5664.