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Stan Scott Schutte is an Illinois farmer with three decades of experience. His household occupies 200 acres of midwestern grassland. “We Grow Taste” is a business’s slogan and philosophy. The Triple S Farm crew work tirelessly to produce meat products that taste good and do good to the body. No drugs and no chemicals are used and the production is 100% certified organic. We are what we eat. This is true for all the creatures.

This why, the Stan’s cattle and poultry are raised on all-vegetarian diet sustained by the farm’s own organic and GMO-free pastures. Triple S Farm is a traditional family business. Stan’s son, Ryan, co-owns the place and supervises production. Daughter, Kristen, oversees the whole production cycle from planting to harvesting.

Two other staff members – Quinten and Heather – take care of animals and help with sales, inventory, accounting and other activities. Not to forget about the humble and hard-working farm helpers – the five dogs, Shorty, Slim, Stider, Sam and Buddy.

Products by Triple S Farm

The Triple S meats taste makes them truly special. Chicken, duck, beef, pork, and lamb are sustained with a strictly vegetarian diet and raised on organic pastures. The 800 hens produce fresh organic eggs. The crop farming at Triple S Farm offers a wide range of potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet corn, carrots, turnips, watermelon, beets, peppers, cantaloupe, popcorn, tofu beans, cloves, asparagus, and red wheat.

The Schuttes like to share the joy of country lifestyle with other people. They invite guests for tours or camping at their farmstead. The meats are mostly sold at farmers’ markets, on the farm directly and via buying clubs. Triple S also supply their products to restaurants and plans to expand their home delivery.

Farm Philosophy

The Triple S. farmers feel the importance of working with nature, not against it. We are provided with all we need, we just have to use it wisely. Stan wants to pass his knowledge about healthy farming to the new generation. According to Stan, the two best things about being an organic farmer is seeing newborn animals and having happy customers.

Bookkeeping is his least favorite part of job. Stan knows from experience that organic food is healthier and tastier than mass-market products. His farm is located in a very special area of south central Illinois. It is a peaceful rural place where life is simple. The closest town has only 50 residents.

In the future, the Schuttes want to expand their home delivery. They plan to grow a bigger dairy herd and offer more dairy products. The staff also works on a certified kitchen project to process vegetables on-farm and sell them all year long.

New cooked meat products will be available soon for quick and easy meals. More experiences will be offered to ag-tourist, including camping, fishing, etc. In a long run, the customers would be able to enjoy home-cooked organic foods at the farm restaurant.