The label can be an asset to your marketing plan if you sell product at the wholesale level to retail or are interested in expanding in this direction. The current requirements for using the label are that you must be:

  • A registered producer with your profile on the website (complete registration information is available here).
  • Certified organic or transitional with documentation. Goodness Greenness and Whole Foods Market will only purchase from certified organic producers.
  • Farming or processing your product in the Midwest.
  • Processors raw ingredients should be locally produced as much as possible.

The label will debut as a sticker in summer 2005. The cost of the stickers will range from $25-$50 (per 1,000) depending on the size of your order. The more you order, the lower the cost. Boxes and other forms of packaging are available upon request. Sustain also offers packaging design as a fee service. Below is an example of our recent work, the Igl Farms potato bag with the built-in label.

There is no cost for farmers to participate in The program offers the following for participating farmers and processors:

  • A website to post your farm story and photo.
  • An annual EXPO for you to direct market your product to consumers and trade.
  • The label, which allows you to market your product as a local organic farm product.
  • increases farmers visibility and exposes them to new opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

We strongly encourage all our regional farmers to participate in this program! Please contact Lynn Peemoeller at Sustain at 312-951-8999 or by email for more information.

Sustain also offers packaging design as a fee based service. Please contact us for more information. The Igl Farm potato bag is an example of one of our recent designs.