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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of FamilyFarmed.org! For the past few years one element of Sustains work has been to support the growth of a regional food system in the Midwest by establishing markets for many organic and sustainable family farms and organic businesses in our region. Here is some more information about what kinds of farms and businesses should enroll in FamilyFarmed.org.

Participating farms and businesses should meet the following criteria:


  • Certified organic, in transition to certified organic, or employing practices at or beyond levels required for certification. Those farms which are certified organic will be identified as such on the FamilyFarmed.org website.
  • Small- to mid-scale farm, family owned and/or operated primarily by family members.
  • Be located in the Midwestern region and capable of accessing Chicago markets.

Farmer Survey Form
FamilyFarmed.org Registration Form


  • Should be the primary producer of its own products, at least some of which are food items.
  • Products main ingredients should be certified organic, and produced locally with local ingredients as much as possible.
  • Should be family owned and run primarily by family members.

Processor Survey Form
FamilyFarmed.org Registration Form

To enroll in FamilyFarmed.org, fill out the FamilyFarmed.org Registration Form along with theFarmer Survey or Processor Survey and fax to 708.763.9925 or mail to Sustain at 7115 W. North Ave. #504, Oak Park, Illinois 60302