2201 W. Denton Rd.
Lincoln, NE 68523

ShadowBrook Farm

ShadowBrook Farm is a small, diversified vegetable farm owned by Kevin and Charuth Loth and their children, Graydon, Tristan, and Tucker. The Loth’s are committed to sustainable farming practices and are devoted to being good stewards of their land. They are working to move toward a regional food system where food is sold directly to the consumer rather then traveling many miles to reach the end user.

How long have you been farming?
We’ve been farming in Lincoln since 1996. Before that, we farmed in California near Santa Cruz.

What do you grow on your farm?
We own a total of 34 acres. About 10 acres are devoted to growing certified organic specialty vegetables and herbs. We also plant about an acre of cut flowers and produce artisan goat cheese.

We are using grass-based beef cows as part of our rotation. We have a herd of dairy goats that are currently used for our own dairy needs. We are currently using four hoop-houses to extend our growing season. Using this system we are able to produce vegetables for ten months a year. We also have 12 acres of alfalfa that we use for our own animals, for making compost, as well as for grazing.

How did you get into farming?
We met in California at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Kevin was studying environmental studies with an emphasis in afroecology. He was an apprentice at the UCSC farm and garden program at the Center for Agroecology. Caruth worked there as an entomology research assistant. Both have been involved in organic agriculture for over 20 years.

What do you enjoy most about farming?
Once you get into it, it becomes something you can’t get out of your system, like a bug. Every spring I get the itch to do it all over again.

What do you envision for the future of your farm?
Many things–a lot of community outreach components; tours, especially for school groups; educational events; a restaurant. We’d also like to take on more apprentices for labor and learning.

Are you an organic grower?
Yes. Our farm has been certified by OCIA (the Organic Crop Improvement Association) since 1998.

Why is organic farming a priority for your business?
We believe that organic certification is something that is a known entity for our customers. They can come out and see for themselves how we farm, but being certified gives them the assurance that we really are following the guidelines.

Why should people buy organic products?
My hope is that people buy organic to support a family farm in their community, but also because we are trying to be good stewards of the land. Organic food is more nutritious, and growing organically is better for the land.

Updated 9/21/2007