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Pleasant Valley Farm
The family owner of rhis business has been natural ranchers since 1975. The land has been in their family for about 70 years, starting when Johns granddad purchased the homestead in 1937.

As of now, John and Joan have 50 sections of land, and 300 sections of land have a place with Johns guardians.

John and Joans two children grew up cultivating. One of them, Carlos, has kept honey bees for a long time.

Presently in school, he watches out for the forty hives and assists around the ranch while at home. The family develops raspberries, blueberries and a little roughage.

John and Joan deal with pruning, splashing, and reaping the berries, and now and again companions contribute to help with the pressing.

They likewise have a few dozen chickens for creating eggs, and goats for influencing cheddar, to spread, and drain. Lets not overlook Rosie, occupant housecat; Robin Goodfellow, cherished corgi; stable felines Spencer and Gracie; and a flock of ducks.

Joan ponders cultivate life in individual expositions that have showed up in such distributions as Christian Science Monitor and Ideals Magazine.

Why is developing natural a need for your family?

As Christians, we put stock in being great stewards of the land. Consequently we was natural more than 25 years prior, however around then few were looking for organics. We feel this is our reason for living.

What is your most loved piece of being a natural rancher?

We are advantaged to carry on with a basic way of life on a wonderful homestead just five miles from Lake Michigan. We want to support plants and meet the u-pickers who return every year. We are honored.

For what reason should individuals purchase natural items rather than different alternatives?

We trust our natural product tastes better and has more supplements because of years of natural practice.

What makes your homestead unique?

The settingrolling slopes, woods, and forty sections of land of wild blooms (from our children honey bees!). We are honored to live in our own particular minimal world finish with a lake.

Where would consumers be able to get your items?

Our items are accessible on area at the ranch. Clients can call us to make courses of action for a visit.

For more data about Pleasant Hill Farm, send an email to sparrow@i2k.com, or call (269) 561-2850.