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nokomis organic bakery
Nokomis Organic Bakery and Natural Foods Store was started by Christopher and Martina Mann.
As MFAI was being developed in the early 1980s, a need was recognized for local and regional farmers to sell their organic grain, produce and other organic commodities. The Manns built a small clay oven on their property and started experimenting with baking stone-milled whole-grain breads. People used to come right to their house to pick up the steaming loaves. When Chris and Martina realized the potential for a successful wholesale business, Nokomis Organic Bakery and Natural Foods Store was founded. We still use grain, honey and other goods raised by local or regional farmers affiliated with MFAI.

Tricia and Jamie Riley currently oversee daily operations at the facility with some help from their 12-year-old daughter. Emily, who even has a bread named after her (Emilys Honey Wheat, made especially with children in mind) assists with labeling packages, packing bread, helping customers, and even shaping the loaves. Her little brothers, ages one and two, stop by to help, too, but so far they mostly just play with the dough. The Rileys are in the process of building ownership equity in the business to carry on the Manns vision.

The Nokomis Bakery staff wears many hatsthey receive the grain from local and regional farmers, stone-grind it fresh each bake day, and shape every loaf by hand. This devoted group includes Jamie, Lila, Geno, Nick, Marina, Tom, Tim, Mike & Steve. And, of course, Nikki and Trish, who do the critical behind-the-scenes work keeping the paperwork and accounts straight.

If you love bread, youve hit the jackpot. Nokomis produces stone-ground whole-grain bread in three categories: Kettle Moraine Sourdough, Wheat Alternative Sourdough, and Artisan Old World Breads.

Why is producing organic breads a priority for your family?
We believe in providing energy and vitality to our consumers, and to do that you need the highest quality products. We believe in preserving our earth so it can continue to provide us with these superior nutritious products.

What is your favorite part of being an organic producer?
The interest it provokes in conversation. We truly enjoy reaching out, educating our consumers, and spreading the word to promote organic agriculture.

Why should people buy organic products instead of other options?
People need to take responsibility for their health and our environment. Consuming organically grown and produced products offers nutritionally superior choices and is good for our water supply, the soil, and the quality of life we need to maintain for vitality. Buying organic products also allows family farmers to grow food and raise animals in a sustainable manner, both for the farm unit and our earth.

What makes your company special?
We are unique among bakeries because we stone-grind our whole grains fresh and handcraft our breads using age-old methods. Each loaf is nurtured and given time to develop its special texture and taste. As the dough slowly matures the foundation is laid for a rich pleasing flavor that gets better with each bite. Our bread is simply the best.

Where can consumers get your products?
Our products are available on-site at Nokomis Bakery and at numerous retail stores, including Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats, Peoples Market, Outpost Natural Foods (Milwaukee, WI & Wauwatosa, WI), Willy Street Co-op (Madison, WI), Sunset Foods, Sentry Foods, some buying clubs, and many other small natural foods stores. We also ship bread anywhere in the U.S.!

To learn more about Nokomis Organic Bakery, visit their website at www.nokomisbakery.com, or call (800) 367-0358.