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Next Generation Dairy

Over 50 farms make up Organic Choice Milk Procurement, producing Organic Dairy products for wholesale.  Now, Organic Choice Milk Procurement is introducing Next Generation Raw Milk Cheese, including Raw Milk Cheddar, Garlic Parsley Cheddar and Colby cheeses.

According to Next Generation Organic Dairy President, Steve Pechacek, not all organic cheese products are created equal.  Next Generation Raw Milk Cheeses are a step above other cheeses.  Raw Milk Cheeses are only heated to 102 degrees, the same temperature that the milk was when it was produced and milked from the cow.  Raw milk cheeses preserve vitamins and the low temperature process creates a true raw milk cheese, full of life and naturally occurring digestive enzymes.

Tell us about Next Generation Organic Dairy
We have more than 50 certified organic farmers that belong to Next Generation.  Some families have homesteaded their farms and are going on the 6th generation.  The Next Generation family farms come in all sizes from 40 up to 800 acres.

What are your certifications?
All of our dairy cows and dairy products are MOSA and GOA certified.  Some farms have been certified since 1998.

What is the companys philosophy?
All of the farms in Next Generation have chosen to grow organic because it is the most healthful and nutritious.  Our bodies are organic and need organic inputs.  Inorganic inputs cause disease and sickness. Our company is truly committed to the Next Generation.  Whether it be the soil, plants, animals or our innocent children.  We believe that Mother Nature still knows best and our dairy producers strive hard to adhere to the strict Organic standards, which include grazing.

You are one of the Next Generation Organic Dairy Farmers.  What is your favorite part of being an organic farmer?
Being a co-creator with God.  Every growing season is a walk of faith.  Seeing the awesome wonder of crops growing each year and harvesting them and then enjoying them.  My lease favorite part is having to deal with the bad weather and weeds.

What makes Next Generation special?
The people who farm the land and are committed to go the extra mile in following Organic Standards.

Where do you want to see Next Generation Organic Dairy in the coming years?
In the next five years we want to have more farms selling through our agency and a more expansive product line of organic dairy products produced in the best available form to digest and consume, meaning products that are not over-processed.

Updated 5/2006