E8533 Cherry Grove Road
Viroqua, WI 54665
Toll free 866-290-8280

From 176 beautiful acres in southeastern Wisconsin, Phillip and Sarah Gudgeon harvest and produce the finest quality, organic maple syrup.  The farm has been in the family since 1977 and the maple syrup business is a family affair.  Besides Phil and Sarah, Phils brother Fritz helps with syrup production, tubing systems and processing; and cousin David helps with maintaining and installing tubing systems.  Daughter Kathryn helps with bottling, open houses and syrup sales, and son Peter also helps to market the syrup.

Kickapoo Gold Syrup is certified organic and is sold at area farmers markets, the Warrens Cranberry Festival in Warrens Wisconsin, and is also available from the website.

Why have you chosen to produce certified organic maple syrup?
It assures our customers that we have a commitment to the quality and wholesomeness of the syrup we produce.

Whats your favorite part about choosing to be certified organic?
Explaining to customers what we do that is different and how it affects the products we produce.  Our least favorite part is the additional cost and work to get certified.

Why should people buy organic syrup?
The buyer has the assurance from the producer and the certifier that what they are buying has met the additional standards to be labeled organic.  The buyer can feel good about what they are buying.

What makes your farm special?
We have moved from the traditional farming mentality of producing a commodity at the lowest possible cost, to marketing a value-added product that is produced in a sustainable manner.

Where do you want your business to be in the next years?
We want to continue this business during our retirement.  We want to produce a superior product that sells for a value-added price.  We are dedicated to quality, not quantity.

Updated 4/10/2006