2853 County Road 1700 North
Minonk, IL 61760

The Ioergers farm has been in their family for more than 150 years, with Lowell, Janet and group cultivating it for as far back as twenty-five. Numerous capable Ioergers cooperate to keep this ranch rolling. While everybody contributes wherever help is required, every relative has a claim to fame.

Zachary, 18, works with swines and grain creation. Anya, 16, helps with poultry and deliver creation. Jacob, 15, watches out for the fowls and create generation. Christina, 14, and Deanna, 13, work with create and handling. The family will soon be joined by Zacharys spouse, Hope. Homestead mascots incorporate five dog– Max, Sadie, Ace, Rex, and Sally– and one feline, who is basically Cat.

This enthusiastic operation grows 15 sections of land of natural create that incorporates various vegetables alongside strawberries, apples, and assortment of raspberries. The Ioergers keep swines and chickens and figure out how to fit in some corn, wheat and soybeans, as well.

Why is developing natural a need for your family?
I have created the best nourishment for my family and to enable other individuals to understand that there is sustenance that truly suggests a flavor like something and is beneficial for you.

What is your most loved piece of being a natural agriculturist?
I like being outside creating something great. Furthermore, Januaryno weeds or bugs to battle, and time to rest!

For what reason should individuals purchase natural items rather than different choices?
I think knowing how things are delivered and who created them is a vital piece of eating.

What makes your ranch exceptional?

My extraordinary awesome granddad worked for the Illinois Central Railroad when they put the tracks into this piece of the world. Rather than taking all cash for his compensation, the railroad gave him 1 section of land for each day in exchange for work. What knowledge he had.

Through diligent work this family has kept at any rate some portion of the ranch set up together. I am glad for that reality.

Where would consumers be able to get your items?

We offer nourishment straightforwardly at our homestead and are additionally at the Oak Park Farmers Market.

For more data about the Ioerger Family Farm, email the Ioergers at yegs@a5.com or call (309) 264-5945.