2811 S. 188th Street
Omaha, NE 68144

green leaf

GreenLeaf Farms is a family-owned ten-acre farm in Omaha, Nebraska, that primarily produces vegetables, herbs, and flowers. It is owned and operated by Tim Rogers and Joletta Hoesing, with help from their “mostly” yellow lab, Clyde.

How long have you been farming?
We’ve been farming since 2002.

What do you grown on your farm?
Our primary crops are beans, onions, potatoes, greens, and herbs, which we sell to retailers and at the Omaha Farmers Market. We also grow and sell a variety of flowers.

What do you enjoy the most about farming?
The best part of organic farming is knowing that we play an integral part in maintaining the food chain.

What makes your farm special?
Simply put, the quality of our products!

What do you envision for the future of your farm?
Within the next five years, we’d like to triple our amount of organic production while continuing to maintain quality. We’d also like to educate consumers and other producers about the importance of organic production and its processes. In ten years, we hope to have groomed a successor so that GreenLeaf Farms and its philosophies will continue.

Are you an organic grower?
Yes, we are certified organic growers and have been since our beginning. All our products are organically grown.

Why have you chosen to grow organic?
We see organic production as the way to ensure healthy and secure food that the consumer can trust. In addition, organic production maintains the earth’s environment the way it is meant to be.

Why should people buy organic products instead of other options?
Certified organic products carry the assurance of integrity for the consumer.

Updated 9/4/2007