There are hungry people in every community. One of the best ways to make sure that everyone has something to eat is to organize a food drive. When neighbors help neighbors, a sense of community develops. People who come for food may have something to offer those that have more money than them.

As with any charity work, volunteers are important. Before requesting volunteers, define the roles you need to fill. You may need someone to load a truck, someone to create flyers and someone to manage the traffic at the drop-off location.

If you will be donating the proceeds of your food drive to a local organization, contact them before you get started. They may have useful information to help you get started and plan a successful food drive.

You must advertise your food drive in as many places as possible. Your local schools may be willing to send flyers home with the children. Churches may announce your work in their bulletin and local radio stations may allow air free advertisements for the event.

A centralized drop-off location can ensure maximum participation. If residents can drop off food donations at a place that is visible and convenient for them, they will be more likely to participate in the food drive.

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