Humanitarian organizations throughout the U.S. offer vital services and support to people in need. A simple Internet search can yield thousands of opportunities to donate, volunteer and help folks in your local community and abroad. Here are three of the top humanitarian organizations that you can work with to make the world a better place:
UNICEF”The United Nations Children’s Fund works to protect children throughout the world. The organization has five different focus areas through which it seeks to accomplish its goals: child survival and development; basic education and gender equality; children and HIV/AIDS; child protection; policy advocacy and partnerships. UNICEF is a great organization to get involved with, especially if you want to teach your own children the values and importance of helping others.
Habitat for Humanity”Local chapters of Habitat for Humanity foster local humanitarian efforts throughout the U.S. You can donate, volunteer your time or shop at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
Meals on Wheels”Meals on Wheels is a great way to get involved in a program that specifically benefits the elderly and other home-bound members of the community. Volunteering with Meals on Wheels gives you an opportunity to reach out one-on-one to brighten someone’s day and help end senior hunger.
Donating to any humanitarian organization not only offers a way to positively impact the life of another person, it makes you feel good. Donating dollars, clothing and household items, or your time to help other people fosters your own sense of self-esteem and gratefulness for the things in your life that other people may go without. Even if you don’t think it’s possible for you to donate, there may be opportunities right under your nose. Shopping retailers that give back to humanitarian organizations is a near effortless way to contribute. Explore the charitable landscape of things you already consume, like electricity. Find comparison sites, such as Texas Energy Companies, to see what options exist locally.

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