The Red Cross is one of the most common organizations that people can volunteer for in the United States. There are classes that you need to take in order to help with the organization. The Red Cross helps people who have lost their homes in natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. They also help people who have lost their home because of a fire. If you want to volunteer, you need to call your local chapter to find out exactly what certifications you need in order to help.
The Salvation Army is another great organization that you can get involved in. they are known for the Angel Tree that is set up at Christmas, but this is only one thing that the organization does to help others. The Salvation Army helps people who do not have money to pay their bills or buy food. If a family loses their belongings because of a fire, the organization can help with furniture and clothing. They also help families who have lost their jobs. There are no requirements to be a volunteer, but you should be at least 18 unless you are helping with another family member. You can work in a Salvation Army store by sorting clothing and accepting donations.

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