Every neighborhood is affected by hunger in some way. While the problem is a world wide concern, you can take small steps in your own neighborhood to eliminate the hunger problem.

1. Volunteer. In addition to organizations specifically developed to feed the hungry, churches, homeless shelters and soup kitchens all provide food for the needy. They also all rely upon volunteer work to serve those in need.

2. Donate. Whether you’re donating non-perishable items or money, organizations devoted to feeding the hungry need your help. Donating can be as easy as picking a couple of extra cans of green beans off the shelf when you’re grocery shopping and giving them to your local homeless shelter.

3. Organize a bake sale. Bake sales are a common way to spread the word about the hunger problem. All participants in the sale should agree ahead of time that all proceeds will go to a charity that fights hunger.

4. Spread the word. Many people simply don’t realize that hunger is a problem in their communities. Talk to your neighbors and talk to schools about their hunger awareness programs.

5. Talk to your elderly neighbors. The elderly are on an increasingly restricted budget and have to choose between meals and medicine. Bringing them leftovers or volunteering to help with their meals can help prevent them from going hungry.

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