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The Red Cross is one of the most common organizations that people can volunteer for in the United States. There are classes that you need to take in order to help with the organization. The Red Cross helps people who have lost their homes in natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. They also help people who have lost their home because of a fire. If you want to volunteer, you need to call your local chapter to find out exactly what certifications you need in order to help.
The Salvation Army is (more…)

Volunteering is one of the best things that you can do by yourself or with your family. There are several places in most cities that depend on volunteers in order to be a success to those in need.
Pregnancy centers offer help to mothers of all ages who have nowhere to turn when they find out they are pregnant. The people who go to resource centers might be teenagers who have been turned away by their family, or they could be mothers who don’t have a lot of money to provide the needs for their new baby. (more…)

Every neighborhood is affected by hunger in some way. While the problem is a world wide concern, you can take small steps in your own neighborhood to eliminate the hunger problem.

1. Volunteer. In addition to organizations specifically developed to feed the hungry, churches, homeless shelters and soup kitchens all provide food for the needy. They also all rely upon volunteer work to serve those in need.

2. Donate. Whether you’re donating non-perishable items or money, organizations devoted to feeding the hungry need (more…)